fusion meso facial Fusion Meso Facial offers all the advantages in non-invasive and painless skin rejuvenation with immediate and long-lasting results.

Fusion MESO XPERT PRO is an electroporation and LED foto biostimulation beauty device. It enhances the penetration of meso cosmetics. The specific pulsed current produces a cellular electroporation reducing the permeability of the skin and opening cellular pores. It induces the opening of the protein channels on the cellular membranes; this phenomenon allows substances to reach the heart of the cells. At the same time the light emitted by the LED is activating certain biological functions of the skin and the cells.


  • Red 645nm(610-760nm): Signs of ageing, skin sagging, collagen breakdown, fine lines, wrinkles, damaged skin, cellulite, lipolysis, hair.
  • Green 520 nm (500-570 nm): Pigmentation, irritation, redness, sensitive skin, eye bags, dark circles, skin sagging.
  • Blue 420nm(400-500nm): Oily skin.


  • Face rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles & expression lines
  • Anti-ageing
  • Eye bags and dark circles
  • Pigmentation
  • Skin whitening
Relaxing treatment that includes fusion cocktail serum specially mixed for your skin type and concerns. The use of the machine will slowly channel in the serums to the dermis. After treatment a meso mask will be tailored made to your treatment by simply activating with the desired solution that brings the actives into the mask that later will slowly diffuse into the skin. The mask provides an extreme refreshing effect and soothes the skin.
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