Give Your Health a Boost with IV Nutrition Therapy

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Chances are, IV nutrition therapy might be a new term to you. IV nutrition therapy is a direct process of administering minerals and vitamins into the bloodstream through IV infusion. The specific vitamins and nutrients in the infusion vary based on one’s desired results. The desired outcomes may include a better feeling, improved stamina, or treatment for a health condition.

The primary IV nutrition benefit is that it directly delivers nutrients into your bloodstream. By doing so, it helps you avoid digestive enzyme interference. Enzymes break down vitamins or food before the body takes in the nutrients.

By the end of this process, the body will only absorb about 50% of the nutrients. On the other hand, with IV delivery, you can absorb a higher nutrient concentration. It is possible to absorb even 100% nutrients concentration, as they will be bypassing the digestive process.

Our IV nutrition specialists at Michigan Advanced Aesthetics will help you achieve your desired goals. We deliberate on factors like medical history, lifestyle, symptoms, medications, and diet to formulate the right IV infusion for you.

IV Nutrition Benefits

Better Your Appearance

Using an IV formulation containing glutathione will help you improve your skin appearance. Glutathione is an antioxidant formulation consisting of cysteine, glycine, and amino acids glutamine, known to help fight the free radicals responsible for the aging process.

Naturally, your body produces antioxidants in the liver; however, antioxidant levels decrease with age. Nevertheless, you may increase the glutathione levels via IV nutrition. Additionally, higher glutathione levels result in more collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines that come about with aging.

Treat Chronic Illness

You can treat some viral infections and chronic illnesses using IV nutrition. Many people achieve these outcomes when using Myers’ cocktail, an IV formulation of minerals and vitamins. The formulation contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and B vitamins.
Additionally, Myers’ cocktail helps relieve several conditions such as:
• Allergies
• Fatigue
• Muscle aches
• Stress
• Depression
• Migraines
• Acute asthma attacks
• Concentration issues
It might be hard to swallow vitamin pills with such conditions, so IV nutrition might be a better treatment option for you.

Restore Hydration

IV formulation consisting of antioxidants can help restore hydration following excessive alcohol consumption, intense exercise, or ongoing vomiting or diarrhea. When athletes in hot areas hydrate before and after the performance, they avoid heat exhaustion and enhance their performance.

For those at a higher risk of dehydration due to illness or other severe factors, an antioxidant IV nutrition may help them avoid the severe condition. Additionally, with IV nutrition, you might be able to fight exhaustion and jet lag originating from overexertion and daily stress.

Enhances Your Energy

Some people lack adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins due to poor diet, stress, and improper absorption. Typically, some of the missing nutrients are vitamins B12, B6, D, C, and iron.
You can effectively replace the inadequate nutrients through IV nutritional therapy. The effect will give you an energetic feel.

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