The latest in celebrity facials. The Nano facial is known as the “Best Facial Ever”. The Rezenerate Nano Facial is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment that’s designed to restore vibrance and improve your skin’s texture. The Rezenerate Wand, which is an exclusive cosmetic tool that helps the skin easily absorb our specialty cocktail serums and increase the effectiveness of the facial. Using are specialty serums the Nano Wand helps the serums and nutrients penetrate through the outer layer of the skin, immediately leading to a more voluminous appearance and activating cellular repair and renewal.

We offer an advanced no down time treatment that includes: Cleansing, Exfoliation with our Vitamin C Enzyme (can add dermaplaning at no charge), Rezenerate Nano with advanced stem cells with peptide-rich, cosmeceutical-grade anti-aging ingredients specifically formulated to support and nourish the skin, and our stem cell mask to reduce expression lines, promote collagen synthesis, and enjoy firm, supple skin. This award-winning mask contains natural actives, antioxidants, and peptides formulated to deliver phenomenal results with your very first treatment for radiant, ageless skin. All skin types except active acne. $200