Michigan Advanced Aesthetics one of the first to offer the latest advancement in skin rejuvenation. Collagen Induction Therapy also is known as skin needling or micro-needling has been around for several years but now new advancements to this procedure have emerged. We use the most powerful 36 pin micro needle system available that activates cell regeneration to diminish wrinkles and scars with no downtime. Results after one treatment. A series is recommended for maximum results. We have perfected the procedure offering an advanced infusion of specialty serums specifically for Acne Scarring, Anti-Aging, and Pigmentation. Treatment includes the Neck, Collagen, and LED Light Therapy. *If you have not had this procedure done at our office you will need to set up a skin care consultation prior to discuss treatment and make sure your a candidate for the treatment.

This treatment is indicated for:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch Marks
  • Skin Texture
  • Acne Scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation

Can be used on Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, and Body

The treatment provides results like fractional lasers but without the downtime! Series of 3 treatments recommended for facial skin rejuvenation.

Microneedling with Stem Cells. (Best for clients under 35) Includes LED Light Therapy

Face and Neck Included $375 per or Package of 3 for $975. Maintenance Treatments after the package are $325 per Treatment. Quarterly maintenance needed to retain results.

Skin rejuvenation 3 to 4 tx spaced 4 weeks apart. Acne Scarring 3 to 6 treatments spaced 5 weeks apart.

Please note you must have a consultation prior to treatment to ensure you are a candidate for micro-needling. 

Microneedling with PRP. Includes LED Light Therapy

(Lasts up to a year) (3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart) (Maintenance 2 times per year) 

$600 Per treatment Face Package of 3 $1350 

Face and Neck $700 Package of 3 $1575.00 

Face, Neck, and Chest  $900 Package of 3 $2,025 

Add on Injectable PRP

(results 1 to 2 years) ( treatment sessions will vary but usually 2 to 3 spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart) Maintenance 1 to 2 time per year 

This could be for Eye, Nasal Labial folds, neck bands etc $400 to $500 

Eye area great for Dark Circles and hollow eyes.

PRP Hair Restoration

The Benefits of PRP with Biotin

PRP has become a popular treatment for hair restoration.  Biotin’s ability to enhance the body’s keratin infrastructure in order to stimulate and support follicle health while the PRP stimulates the follicles to move from a dormant stage to a growing stage.  Utilizing both Biotin and PRP at the same time ensures optimal hair restoration results.
Can biotin help with hair growth?

Yes. Keratin, a basic protein that makes up your hair, needs biotin to be produced. Adding biotin to PRP injections increases your body’s keratin infrastructure, which translates into healthier and stronger hair. Combining PRP with Biotin, when applied directly to hair follicles, encourages them to grow new healthy and thick hair.

What is Biotin?

Biotin (vitamin B7) is an important part of enzymes in the body that helps break down substances like carbohydrates and fats and amino acids. Biotin is usually found in foods like bananas, milk and eggs. Symptoms of low biotin levels include thinning hair, scaly facial rash and brittle nails. Adding vitamin to your hair restoration treatments can greatly improve these symptoms.


The following steps are an example of a common approach to PRP injections for hair loss:

  • A medical professional draws blood from a vein in the arm.
  • They place the blood sample in a centrifuge.
  • The centrifuge spins the blood, separating its components.
  • A medical professional extracts the platelets using a syringe.
  • A RN or PA injects the platelets into targeted areas of the scalp.

The entire process may take about 1 hour, and several sessions may be necessary. After receiving PRP treatment, a person can usually return to their regular activities without any limitations.

How Many PRP Treatment Sessions Are Needed For The Desired Hair Regrowth?

While considering PRP therapy for hair loss, one of the most common concerns most patients have is the number of PRP sessions they require for hair growth. The number of sessions can differ for each person. It depends on factors like the extent of hair loss and overall health. Multiple PRP therapy sessions are required to achieve the desired hair regrowth. Most patients undergo 3 distinct sessions, each occurring at 5-6 week intervals. To maintain the therapy results, patients are recommended to go for single effective sessions every 6 to 12months.

Are PRP Hair results permanent?

Multiple PRP therapy sessions are required to see the initial results. Once the results appear, patients will need follow-up visits every 6 to 12 months to maintain and boost the effects of the treatment. Although the solution is not permanent, it can definitely offer long-lasting results.