Pros and Cons of Eyelash Tinting

October 7, 2020 Under Uncategorized

Eyelash tinting is a simple procedure for enhancing eyelashes and can be done at a salon or spa. DIY eyelash tinting kits are not usually recommended for people with little to no experience with tinting. If you do choose to try an at-home kit, you must first brush and clean the eyelashes thoroughly before tinting them. A coat and base product with 2-3 layers of color tinting can be used to cover your natural eyelashes. Eyelash tinting can be applied with an applicator similar to mascara. Then, a serum is applied on top of the tint. It’s important that you strive to keep your lashes hydrated and healthy so that they don’t dry out. Here are the pros and cons of tinting your eyelashes.


Variety of Colors

Professional eyelash technicians such as Michigan Advanced Aesthetics offer a range of lash tinting options, including colorful tints. Someone with light blonde hair might be interested in more visible lashes, but doesn’t want them to look unnaturally dark. Such a person can opt for a brown tint instead of a black one. Various shades, including black and ultra-black tinting options, are available to enhance your eyes while still maintaining your natural look. Plus, you can even get creative with blue or purple shades before a party or festival.

Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

Eyelash tinting can last just a few weeks, but if applied well, it may not be necessary to apply mascara to lashes as they will remain dark. This can cut the time taken to prepare in the morning. However, over time, the lash tint will start to fade, making it necessary to apply falsies and mascara occasionally.

Avoid Mascara

Not everyone is able to simply apply mascara and head out the door. Mascara may not work on someone whose eyes are allergic or sensitive to ingredients in it. You don’t have to undergo the torture of allergic reactions and irritable eyes associated with wearing mascara. You can get around this by using eyelash tint as an alternative to mascara.


Allergic Reactions and Side Effects

Lash tinting is associated with a list of allergic reactions and side effects. So, run a patch test before applying any glue, dye, or tint around your face. Most people find out they are allergic during and after applying lash tint, and at that point a reaction is unavoidable. Swelling, burning, irritation, and watery eyes are a few of the side effects of lash tint. Severe side effects can last through and beyond the application, so always run a patch test.


Changes to your makeup routine and skincare are required for eyelash tint to last. Tinting your lashes comes with some restrictions, including avoiding oil-based products, which can be a struggle for people used to oil-based skincare products and makeup. Getting your lashes tinted during a hot season may also not be recommendable because you might need to avoid the sun, warm temperature, and water.

Getting your eyelashes tinted depends on the results you want to achieve. So, weigh up between the cons and pros of applying eyelashes and make an informed decision. However, experts discourage people who have had allergic reactions from getting their lashes tinted.

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