You Guide to Winter Skincare

January 20, 2020 Under Uncategorized

In the winter, it is important to keep yourself protected from the cold, dry weather. But people often forget about protecting their skin. The winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Hydration is extremely important for preventing wrinkles and dry skin, unfortunately, the cold air of winter will rob your skin of all its natural moisture. To help you avoid dry, itchy skin this winter, here is your guide to winter skincare.

Skip the Hot Showers

That steamy hot shower may feel great after being outside in freezing temperatures, but it’s better for your skin if you use lukewarm water instead. Hot water will quickly dry out your skin. If you don’t use a moisturizer immediately after the shower, you may get winter eczema and cracks in your skin. As soon as you get out of the shower, apply a quality moisturizer to help keep the moisture in and prevent dryness.

Exfoliate Less

Exfoliating your skin is beneficial for getting rid of dead skin cells, but you need to exfoliate less in the winter because the cold, dry weather compromises the skin barrier. It’s fine to exfoliate once a week, in fact doing it once weekly will help to boost your skin regeneration and will allow better absorption of your moisturizer. Be sure to use exfoliating products that are designed for use on your skin type.

Eat Healthy and Drink Plenty of Water

Having access to fresh fruits and vegetables during winter may be difficult, but there is a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for the skin. For instance, seasonal berries are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins that your skin craves during the winter. Fruits and vegetables are also an easy way to give your body an extra dose of hydration. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the air during the winter is drier, so the water in your body will evaporate quicker. Your skin needs to be hydrated, so it’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Installing a humidifier will also help to keep your skin hydrated.

Aesthetic Services

Along with moisturizing and keeping your body hydrated, one of the best ways to protect your skin during the winter is with a relaxing facial once or twice a month. There are many different types of facials, so be sure to let your technician know that you are interested in a facial that helps restore moisture while improving the texture and giving skin a healthy glow. For instance, Rezenerate Nano Facial available at Michigan Advanced Aesthetics helps to restore that vibrate glow while improving the texture. It’s best to discuss facial product options with your technician to ensure your skin looks and feels that way you imagined.

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