How To Choose The Right Facial For You

February 10, 2021 Under Uncategorized

Choosing a facial treatment for skin rejuvenation can be confusing with all the options available both at home and at the spa. And although some people who pay close attention to their skincare routine and the products they use can achieve semi-professional results, you don’t have to make a huge investment in time by coming to the professionals. To help you choose a suitable facial treatment according to your skin type and the problems to address, here are what you should consider:


The first step toward understanding what facial you should choose is to understand the five facial steps: cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, hydration, and protection. The steps are the fundamental way to treat any skin type, from sensitive to oily.

When looking for a professional facial near you, it helps to know what problem areas you’re wanting to treat, what skin concerns you have, and what your everyday routine consists of. If you’re happy with your daily routine, and are using high quality products to address all five steps, you’ll be more interested in facial treatments like a photofacial that achieves results beyond what you’re able to do at home.

Treat it Right

One of the great things about going to a professional for a facial is that they can recommend a personalized procedure that can rejuvenate your face without any unintended consequences. For example, if you struggle with acne, using the wrong kind of moisturizer is not a great idea, as it may cause a breakout. You aesthetician will know what your skin needs to achieve the goals you want. Plus, they will be able to recommend products for you to use at home to make the results of a facial last as long as possible.

Get a Glow

To address aging effects and fine lines, choose a facial procedure with additional exfoliation. Chemical peels, dermaplaning, and dermabrasion are great at removing dead skin layers that make wrinkles look deeper and make pores appear larger. This results in an even, healthy glow that helps make you look years younger in an afternoon. And for treating dull skin, choose a facial with brightening ingredients like vitamin C and a mild peel combination.

Shift on the Right Things

Several skin treatments you may see advertised sound too weird to be true and are usually ploys, such as those using gold dust, snake oil, or even caviar in the treatment. However, one that may sound strange at first provides real results: a photofacial. This treatment uses specific wavelengths of blue and red LEDs to help heal acne and kill skin bacteria, while white and red light treatments stimulate collagen production.

Other times, you choose the right facial for you depending on your previous experience and the outcome.

Evaluate Prior Experience

When receiving any facial treatment, the experience starts the moment you walk in the door. You should feel comfortable, listened to, and well taken care of throughout your visit. At Michigan Advanced Aesthetics, our clinical staff are well-trained in proper facial revitalization procedures and are focused on your safety and comfort at all times.

Wait For The Final Outcome

The idea of choosing the right facial is to have a satisfying outcome, which likely won’t be immediate. Be patient as the results gradually appear over the days and weeks following your facial. Keeping a selfie diary may be the best way to truly track your progress and the effectiveness of the procedure, which will help you determine if you’re interested in going again.

Professional Facials in Detroit

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