Rezenerate Nano Facial

Rezenerate Nano Facial is now being offered at Michigan Advanced Aesthetics in Royal Oak. We are one of just a few spas in the area that are first to offer this amazing facial termed “The Best Facial Ever”.

Clients have been thrilled with the results offering: no-downtime, decreased wrinkles, more refined texture, decrease in pores and hydrated skin. The Rezenerate Nano Facial is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment that’s designed to restore vibrance and improve your skin’s texture. The Rezenerate Wand, which is an exclusive cosmetic tool that helps the skin easily absorb our specialty cocktail serums and collagen to increase the effectiveness of the facial.

Rezenerate utilizes the breakthrough science of Nano-Technology, the pressure points of Acupressure, principles of Yoga facial exercises, and the cool touch of ‘Cryo’ (Cold) Therapy and our series of proprietary processes to create what we have dubbed the “Rezenerate Nano-Tech Golden Ratio.” Using are specialty serums and collagen boosters the Nano Wand helps the serums and nutrients penetrate through the outer layer of the skin, immediately leading to a more voluminous appearance and activating cellular repair and renewal. Considered a no-down time treatment. You can choose do the Nano Facial as a stand alone treatment or pick one of our more advanced treatments.

We have enhanced this treatment by adding it to some our most popular treatments including: dermaplaning with Collagen Boost and LED light therapy, Oxygen Facial, Signature Multi-Layer Facial, and Micro-current treatments for more anti-aging and dramatic results. What can you expect with the treatments? The treatment is very relaxing and feels like a light vibrating facial massage. As serums are enhanced into the skin a slight tingling sensation occurs. All of our advanced treatments include LED light therapy for more enhancement of the serums and effective collagen benefits. After the final part of the treatment the skin has an immediate glow and feels firmer and hydrated. Avoiding exfoliating products such as glycolics, scrubs, and retinols 3 to 5 days prior and after treatment is recommended. Treatments can be done on all skin types including rosacea. Acne skin will need to be evaluated to see if the Nano Facial can be done.

Treatments start at $125 for our basic treatment with the more advanced treatments ranging from $150 to $195. If your looking for a treatment to instantly revive your skin this may be the treatment for you. Consultation are available to help choose the best option for your skin and concerns. The treatments can be done every two weeks to achieve maximum results.

Once in awhile an amazing new treatment comes to the aesthetic field that really offers wonderful results. We have been researching this device and after trying on staff, family, and friends we were sold. Our clients are always looking for treatments with minimum downtime that achieve results. We are very happy that we decided to bring this treatment to our spa and that we are getting positive feedback from our clients. Look for specials in our monthly newsletter or call our office.

Oxylight: The Total Workout for Your Skin

Oxylight facial treatment is a total workout for your face. By incorporating several modalities in one treatment the Oxylight helps to smooth, lift, tighten, and tone the skin. Also helps with acne and uneven skin tone. No down-time treatment. Recommended in a series for optimum results with regular maintenance treatments. Results usually after one treatment. Expect your treatment to last about and hour and half.

The Treatment

The treatment starts with a diamond microdermabrasion to exfoliate the face and has a special tip to gently exfoliate the eye area. This exfoliation process prepares the skin for advanced treatment for anti-aging and treatment for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and uneven skin tone.

96% O2 Spay is applied to the skin along with a topical skin anti-aging treatment to oxygenate the pores. This step is a wonderful treatment for acne prone skin. The procedure is a light refreshing spray.

The next two steps involve LED Light Therapy with one or more light treatments that are selected based on your skin condition. Example red for anti-aging, blue for acne, or yellow for uneven skin tone.

Biosonix with LED light therapy helps to tone, hydrate, and repair the skin using Ultrasound, specialty serums, and LED Light therapy all in one process.

Myolight with LED light therapy is used to tighten and firm the skin. Increasing ATP production (5-fold), protein synthesis & amino acid transport through different layers of skin. Following Myolight the O2 Spray is applied for a second application.

Oxygen Therpay LED Panel. This is the last step of the Oxylight treatment. The panel of LED Lights is placed just above the face utilizing pure Oxygen through the 12 nozzles on the Light Panel, patient is exposed to full spectrum LED light and Oxygen simultaneously to improve the overall appearance of the skin.