November is National Healthy Skin Month

November 11, 2021 Under Skin Treatments

National Healthy Skin Month every November is a great reminder to focus on making sensible choices during the holidays. Lifestyle choices make a big difference in the health and appearance of your skin. If you are serious about taking care of your skin, you can benefit by learning about these six habits that are backed by expert opinion.

1. Wear Sunscreen Year-Round

It’s common for people to associate sunscreen with summertime, swimming pools, and beaches. But you’ll maximize the lotion by wearing it every season for continuous skin protection. Regular application should help reduce the risks of sunspots and skin cancer. Sunscreen protects skin in various ways, such as slowing down the aging process and reducing the likelihood of sun damage. This is because harmful UV rays from the sun damage skin cells’ DNA, leading to complications like wrinkling, pigmentation, and laxity. By protecting the cells with sunscreen, you lower the risk of these complications arising in the future.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet

Healthy skin is often a direct reflection of a healthy diet. Opinions vary among experts on which foods are the healthiest, but most agree that a nutritious, balanced diet is the best for both skin health and overall health. Health professionals do agree people should emphasize fruits and vegetables. Eliminating or reducing fast food and overly processed food is another commonly embraced principle of good nutrition.

3. Use Lip Balm with SPF Protection

Lip balms that are SPF 15 and higher can do wonders for your lips. Due to the thin skin of lips, it’s important to add some protection to block UV rays that can cause damage and premature aging. Using lip balm helps lower this risk. For best results, the higher the SPF number, the greater the protection. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you should reapply often.

4. Relax and Learn to Manage Stress

You might not think of stress as having anything to do with skin. But stress can affect all parts of the body. While stress is part of everyday life, it’s important to find ways to minimize it. If you let stress build up, it can lead to high blood pressure, panic attacks, and depression. Keeping your thoughts and emotions under control is crucial. Episodes of high stress can be controlled through meditative breathing exercises.

5. Counter Dehydration with Moisture

Water is an essential component of life. When you haven’t consumed enough water, the body can become dehydrated. The skin needs moisture too, meaning that staying properly hydrated throughout the day has benefits not only for your internal organs Drinking several glasses of water a day is the best way to avoid dehydration.

6. Get Enough Sleep

The body needs a balance between physical activity and rest. Sleeping about six to eight hours each night is usually sufficient to wake up in the morning without feeling drowsy. People who don’t get enough sleep can develop various health issues including managing weight and regulating calories. Lack of sleep can lead to depression, which weakens the immune system and therefore makes the body more vulnerable to illness and skin damage.

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Setting a goal to achieve healthy skin can be a monumental challenge for some people. But if you take our advice, you are likely to see noticeable results. Contact Michigan Advanced Aesthetics to learn more about essential skincare practices and treatments to find out how you can get the best skin of your life.