Micro-Tox vs. Botox

July 7, 2021 Under Skin Treatments

Microtox vs Botox: How to Achieve Natural-Looking Results

With each passing day, the number of people seeking Botox (or Xeomin, Dysport, Newtox) for their facial enhancement is increasing. In addition, more people are now aware of what Botox is. However, the unfortunate involvement of stigma has prevented many patients from getting the treatment. Essentially, the patients are afraid of getting a ‘frozen’ look after the treatment. Thankfully, we have found plenty of methods that we can use to avoid over-injecting. With these methods, we give you natural-looking results and improve your appearance. You are only required to choose a provider who offers customized services. Additionally, you should ensure that the provider does not over-inject you to avoid uneven results.

Achieving Natural-Looking Botox Results

Microtox is a new special Botox technique that ensures that you get the most natural-looking results. Essentially, it offers more natural results than orthodox Botox treatments. The MicroTox procedure uses a type A Botulinum toxin. When seeking MicroTox treatment, you should get a certified practitioner, since the procedure is a delicate one and requires a special approach. However, when performed correctly, this procedure can help to give you a reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Additionally, it helps in maintaining the contours of your skin.

What is MicroTox?

Using MicroTox is a great way to improve your Botox results. In addition, Microtox will give you results faster than traditional Botox. Essentially, the treatment uses Botox as the main ingredient. However, the approach to injection and the overall ingredients of each MicroTox unit are slightly different. This helps to give you the best results. Unlike traditional Botox treatment, Microtox gives an instant tightening to your skin. The results are visible almost immediately. The improvement is achieved by using special techniques that ensure that the treatment is delivered directly below your skin. With this enhancement, you get a subtle improvement in the skin definition and fine lines without engaging the muscles. Muscle targeting has been known to cause the ‘frozen’ look.

How MicroTox Works

MicroTox is quite similar to Microneedling. Essentially, the term ‘micro’ in both procedures refers to the extremely thin needles used to deliver the treatment under your skin. Due to the small size, these needles will give you a virtually painless experience while at the same time infusing the Botox under your skin in strategic areas. Traditional methods of delivering Botox to your face involve directly injecting units of the solution to the muscles. This temporarily reduces skin movement. When the muscles relax, the wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

However, it can take up to 7 days before any noticeable results can be seen from a Botox treatment. Essentially, Botox is an excellent choice for patients with severe or moderate signs of aging. However, Botox is also an excellent option for several other cosmetic or medical needs.

For patients yearning for immediate results or a simple reduction of the wrinkles, MicroTox is the best solution. Other benefits of MicroTox treatment include:
• Slimmer jawline
• Lifts eyebrows
• Tightened skin under the neck, eyes, and around the face.
• Reduced appearance of drooping in the eyelids
• Slim nasal structure
• Decreased pore size
• Removes cheek ‘creepiness.’

How to Find High-Quality MicroTox Procedures

This incredible treatment option is not available everywhere. Essentially, this is because it requires specialized treatment and keen eyes. To learn more about MicroTox, schedule a consultation at Michigan Advanced Aesthetics by calling our office or contacting us online.