Non-Ablative Fractional Skin Therapy

Fractional laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment that improves fine lines and wrinkles, scars, acne scarring, stretch marks, sagging skin and overall tone/texture. Collagen and elastin are key players for youthful looking skin. Their job is to keep connective tissue firm and help hold it’s shape. Unfortunately, production slows way down as we age. Scary fact: we lose about 1% of our collagen EVERY YEAR after the age of 20! The more collagen we lose, the more fine lines and wrinkles appear, which is why it is essential that we work to increase our collagen levels. Fractional laser skin resurfacing is a great way to accomplish this. It is also a great treatment for stretch marks are scar improvement, and can be used pretty much anywhere on the body. We use the 1540 fractional laser from cynosure.

What is the difference between ablative and non-ablative treatments

Ablative laser treatments partially remove the top layer of the skin, (epidermis) and can be very invasive, painful and require weeks to months of downtime. Non-ablative treatments are very safe and involve treating the deeper parts of the skin (the dermis) without removing any part of the epidermis. The ICON 1540 laser is a fractionated non-ablative laser.

After 3 treatments. Courtesy of Dr. M. Sinclair

What does fractional or fractionated mean

There are 2 types of lasers, ‘full field’ and ‘fractionated’. Full field lasers treat the entire area of skin that it comes in contact with. This type of laser can have numerous side effects and a long healing period. Fractionated lasers treat a fraction of the skin, with gaps of untreated skin throughout. Hundreds of very precise micro-beams create deep, narrow columns of tissue damage, causing a controlled injury that creates new collagen. When injured tissue is surrounded by healthy tissue, it heals much faster and with minimal complications than if all the tissue were damaged.

After 7 treatments. Courtesy of D. Vasily, MD

Does it hurt?

We prefer to call it “aesthetically acceptable discomfort”. However, we will apply a topical numbing cream to the area to minimize discomfort. The whole appointment is approximately one hour long. Afterward, your face will be red, like a bad sunburn, and will feel hot for about an hour. We will apply cold cloths or ice packs to your skin, and encourage you to do so when you get home. Your skin will be dry and flaky for a week or two. It’s encouraged to keep it well moisturized and hydrated. You can apply makeup the following day. Applying sunscreen daily and staying out of the sun in advised during treatment periods.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatments are more effective if done in a series of sessions, 4 weeks apart, and approximately 4 to 6 treatments. Natural collagen growth happens over weeks and months, so it isn’t an instant fix, but your skin will be much improved over the long term. One to two yearly maintenance treatments are recommended.

What Are The Advantages of the ICON Non-Ablative 1540 Treatment?

The 1540 is more powerful than other lasers of its kind, delivering greater energy per micro-beam and a greater depth of penetration (up to 1 mm) than other competing devices. This can promote a more significant response in the skin, with more effective and longer lasting results.

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