Why a HydraFacial is the Perfect Facial Treatment for Summer

June 11, 2021 Under Skin Treatments

Summer is a season with its own skincare needs and challenges. HydraFacial treatments might be exactly what you need for your skin this year. Numerous satisfied customers swear by their results after treatment. HydraFacials leave skin glowy, nourished, healthy, and camera-ready. Here is why you’ll want a HydraFacial, too.

HydraFacials Contain Nourishing Peptides and Antioxidants For Your Skin

Summer brings with it some unpleasant things for your skin. Excess heat, UV exposure, sweating frequently, and sunblock that can clog pores are some of the things your skin goes through. These can contribute to your skin not looking or feeling its best. It’s important to take care of your skin so it stays as healthy as it can. We may not even fully realize the environmental factors we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

HydraFacial treatments can help prevent and reverse some of the skin issues the summer season can bring along with it. These treatments contain infusions and serums which can be tailored to each person’s specific skin needs and goals. Your skin will be rejuvenated, invigorated, and cleansed after your treatment because it will be getting a nice dose of peptides and antioxidants.

HydraFacials Provide Gentle Yet Thorough Exfoliation

Sweating, heat, and blocked pores from wearing sunscreen mean that your skin really needs TLC in the form of exfoliation to stay in good shape. Exfoliation that is too intense can make matters worse. Some at-home exfoliation options are not ideal because they take a one-size-fits-all approach and can be way too harsh on the skin. Rough exfoliation leaves your skin more sensitive to the elements. It also leaves skin susceptible to UV rays and environmental pollutants.

HydraFacial treatments can offer your skin a safe, gentle exfoliation option this summer. Your pores and skin will be clean and nourished from the inside out after a treatment. The HydraFacial process is made to deliver effective results every time.

HydraFacials Have No Downtime and Almost-Instantaneous Results

Another great reason to choose a HydraFacial this summer is how gentle the treatment is. This treatment won’t leave you with a red, puffy face or broken blood vessels afterward. You won’t have to take time out of enjoying your summer festivities to hide away and heal from your treatment. Some of the more intense skin treatments available won’t allow you to wear makeup or go in the sun for a certain length of time afterward. You can get results that are as good or better than other options this summer by choosing a HydraFacial treatment instead.

Whether you are going to be prepping for a summer vacation, a backyard barbeque, or hanging out with friends on the beach, you don’t want to miss any of it. That’s why HydraFacial treatments are an ideal way to pamper and take care of your skin this summer.

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