How the GLO2 Facial Transforms your Skin

The Geneo Glo 2 Facial: A Cutting-Edge Treatment for Radiant, Flawless Skin in Royal Oak, MI

A beautiful complexion that looks smooth and glows is something people admire, and you, too, can achieve the same results with this revolutionary facial. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what condition your skin is in, the Geneo Glo 2 Facial can rejuvenate and brighten your complexion and be tailored to your specific skincare needs. The magic ingredient is oxygen, and it plays a key role in boosting circulation to the treatment area for plump, radiant skin.

Triple Technology for Maximum Results

The Geneo Glo 2 Facial is made up of three, clinically proven technologies that were developed  to restore youthful, clear, and soft skin. The first step involves exfoliation, which is performed on the skin’s surface to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities.

The second step features an infusion of oxygen, which is designed to re-energize and refresh your complexion. The final step adds a layer of nourishment to the skin in the form of a deeply penetrating serum whose formula includes anti-aging nutrients and hydrating elements.

Facial of the Future: Like a Warm Massage

The non-invasive treatment starts with the exfoliation process, where a unique formulation comprised of baking soda, citric acid and magnesium combine for a gentle “scrubbing” of the skin. This helps to open clogged pores and prep the skin to encourage a carbon dioxide-rich environment. This, in turn, boosts the internal oxygen levels that are carried up to the skin’s surface.

During the second step, ultrasound is applied containing micro-vibrations that work to condition and stimulate the skin to increase cellular activity. This unique smoothing technique helps the complexion maintain its optimum absorption level during the facial, so you are sure to take in all of the good stuff.

The third step offers a gentle, calming effect, and clients describe it as a warm massage. The Geneo Glo 2 Facial infuses the skin with nutrients, vitamins and selective active ingredients for a healthier and smoother complexion.

Multiple Skincare Benefits With Zero Downtime

Talk about a facial that can transform the skin; this one is exceptional. The advantages you gain include the following:

  • Immediate results after first treatment
  • Deep cleansing of skin barrier
  • Natural skin oxygenation
  • Collagen promotion for firmer skin
  • Skin tone and texture improvement
  • Increase in skin luminosity
  • Infusion of powerful anti-aging ingredients
  • Support from beauty science and clinical studies
  • Soothing facial treatment
  • Ideal for a special event

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The Geneo Glo 2 Facial is suitable for all skin types, and Michigan Advanced Aesthetics looks forward to helping you realize the amazing results. Our skincare experts can help you attain a more beautiful complexion and address any personal skincare needs. Book an appointment online by filling out our online contact form, or call (248)542-3700. WE are conveniently located in Royal Oak, MI.